2016 Gambit car Key maker Master II auto key programmer gambit key programmer gambit Transponder Key Programmer


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Item Height 10 inch
Voltage 12
Model Name Gambit programmer CAR KEY
Item Width 10 inch
Car Maker Chrysler,Mahindra,Saab,Subaru
Hardware Version newest
Software Version newest
Electronic No
External Testing Certification CE
Item Length 15 inch
Item Type Auto Key Programmer
Material Type plastic
Item Weight 1 kg
Special Features Other
warranty 1 year

Cheap programmer ii, Buy Quality programmable dc power supplies directly from China programmable keyboard Suppliers: 2016 Gambit programmer CAR KEY MASTER II Auto Transponder Key Programmer gambit RFID Tool

2016 Gambit programmer CAR KEY MASTER II Auto Transponder Key Programmer gambit RFID Tool Gambit Programmer Car Key Master II Top 2 Reasons To Get Gambit Programmer 1. Software Version: 2.0 2. Intended for RFID ( transponders) programming Description: Gambit Programmer is mainly produced for programming RFID transponders and generating RFID transponders from the immobilizer dump/eeprom of the car, in order to be able to start the vehicle.Gambit programmer works with PCF7935, PCF 7936 and T5 transponders which are not precoded and are completely blank. Supported Transponders: 1.Transponder Type Read Write PCF7930 YES YES PCF7931 YES YES PCF7935 YES YES PCF7936 YES YES Note 2 EML YES YES MEGAMOS YES NO Note 1,3,5 TEMIC 11 YES NO Note 1,5 TEMIC 12 YES NO Note 1,5 T5 Note 4 YES Note 1. Transponder is OTP (One Time Programable). Note 2. Password Mode. Note 3. Transponder can be emulated on PCF7935. Note 4. Transponder can be read after its configuration (as Temic11-12, Megamos) Note 5. Transponder can be copied (cloned) into T5 transponder 2.Key Makers For Alfa Romeo 1996 with 93C46 eeprom v.1 (Compatible also for Alfa Romeo 33) For Alfa Romeo 1999 with 93C46 eeprom v.2 For Audi immobox 4A0953234 eeprom 93C46 For BMW EWS1 immo For BMW EWS2 immo For BMW EWS3 immo For BMW ALL IMMO MODELS: For Bmw-EWS1 immo For Bmw-EWS2 immo For Bmw-EWS3 immo For Bmw-EWS4 immo For Bmw-CAS (CAS1) For Bmw-CAS2 For Bmw-CAS3 For Citroen Evasion with eeprom 93C66 For Dachia Supernova Sagem immobilizer For Daewoo Nexia For Daewoo Es

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